Best Self Inventory

The Best Self Network will propose an individualized approach supported by an appropriate inventory template. These templates are formatted for personal and organizational use. We will suggest the best approach based on our initial meeting.



Identify and explore the characteristics and traits of What is Right With You as a means to well-being in all areas of life.


Career and Skills

Individuals identify what they want and need from their career from a strengths-based perspective, in balance with the other parts of their lives.


Executive 1:1

Executives will develop new skills, improve performance, overcome barriers to success, and prepare for advancement. 


Transformation Management

Using a strengths-based perspective to enhance adaptability to transform.


Team Building

Team building can range from leadership development to career development to stress management.

Groups / Individual


Working with individuals or groups to meet organizational goals


Mission and Vision

Leader and members of a team to establish their team mission, vision, strategy, and rules of engagement with one another. 


The Best Self Network program offers facilitation with individuals and organizations.  Our approach can range from informal to heavily structured or customized.

Working From Home

Bring your best self

We are currently being challenged by uncertain times in all areas of our lives.  Our program increases resilience and promotes positive well-being for individuals and groups who are impacted by the change.