Two Licensed Professional Counselors identified a gap in the current culture of wellbeing. With the allegiance of two other healthcare industry experts and leveraging over 100 years of combined industry experience, the team aims to revolutionize the world with their company, the Best Self Network. Individuals and entities will find fulfillment under the guidance of the team. Empowerment is the goal for all who cross paths with the fearless bunch. 


Meet our team

Abra Arlinsky, MC, LPC, LISAC, NCC

Chief Executive Officer

Abra Arlinsky is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the Best Self Network. As the CEO, it is her responsibility to ensure that the Best Self Network is a quality product for the benefit of all stakeholders.  

Abra is a great supporter of the self-help process and strives to facilitate self-help as a means to wellness and well being by the process of engaging people in what is right with them as a means of living a fulfilling life. She is continually working to expand and elaborate on the approach of supporting inherent strengths in people. 

Abra has accumulated a wealth of experience as a healthcare professional and professor of graduate studies.  Her work has included domestic and international clinical education and training.  She has extensive experience in using the strengths-based approach in her work with successful outcomes. She is committed to supporting people in the process of focusing on what is right with them.  The Best Self Network is her passion and a culmination of her life’s work in human services.

Abra enjoys the outdoors and spends any available time hiking, playing tennis and swimming. She loves to spend time with family and friends.  Cooking and cleaning are not great passions for her, but she will go shopping or to restaurants on a moment's notice.


Stephen Serrato

Chief Product Officer

As Chief Product Officer of Best Self Network, Stephen Serrato works with the team to develop content, engage the public, and produce outcomes for members. He is committed to the success of others and sharing the “What’s Right With You” concept. Stephen is dedicated to the quality assurance of the Best Self Network content to ensure the integrity of the product.

He is a licensed mental health professional who has served as a program director and therapist.  He enjoys helping others develop as people and professionals.  His person-centered approach will be utilized to provide a positive and strengths-based focus for our members.  He has driven numerous successful initiatives by thinking critically, adapting, and leading.  He believes in change and facilitating that change via connection, understanding, and action.  

He holds a master’s degree in counseling, belongs to various professional organizations, and has worked with federal and state programs. He is committed to helping others actualize their potential.  He and his wife live in Carlsbad, CA with their fur babies.  They enjoy the ocean and spending time together with friends.