Shaping Wellness

We are an organization that promotes and facilitates self-help as a powerful influence in shaping wellness and wellbeing by identifying what is right with our network members. We are in the service of promoting, encouraging, and exploring what is right with our network members for the purpose of maintaining a focus on enhancing strengths.

Theory of Change

We know that change is an inevitable part of our lives and in order to make positive change, focusing on What is Right with You is the biggest factor for successful outcomes. Approaching problems and changes in life with the assumption that we are sick, flawed or broken sets us up for failure.  We assist individuals and groups, personally and professionally, in identifying their own theories of change so as to be proactive in any change process.
The Best Self Network instills hope, optimism and resilience by supporting the self-help process of mobilizing our members to recognize and utilize what is right with them in all areas of life. We provide support through the facilitation of helping members recognize what is right with them in multiple facets of life. 


The Best Self Network provides an initial profile for individuals and groups that is the starting point for the self-help process. Additional exploration supports a variety of experiences. Beyond the profiles are methods of using what is right with us to facilitate positive transformation. Individuals and groups have an opportunity to apply the information from the profile to a challenging or limiting circumstance to facilitate transformation. Instead of starting with problem identification and process, the Best Self Network seeks to assist members in starting from a place of hope, strength, and choice.