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What's Right
With You

The What’s Right With You Revolution emphasizes the importance of exploring and discovering What's Right With You as a life focus. We promote and facilitate self-help as a powerful influence in shaping well-being.  The Best Self Network facilitates starting self-help from a place of hope, strength, and choice.


What we offer

We currently provide a Salutogenics and What's Right With You training for certified clinicians. The Best Self Approach is a revolutionary concept that supports clinicians in promoting positive transformation in their work with clients by using Salutogenic strategies to enhance What's Right with clients.  Trainees will be introduced to the What’s Right With You six steps to transformation.

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Abra Arlinsky


Meet the founder

Our customers

"I am so grateful for having participated in the Best Self Network program and meetings. BSN promotes positivity and hope by providing tools and thought processes to focus on ones own best qualities and characteristics as well as others. Personally, it has made me more optimistic, enthusiastic, self aware, motivated and grateful!  I feel more empowered and equipped to flourish and live the most fulfilling and meaningful life possible."


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