What's Right

With You

The What’s Right With You Revolution emphasizes the importance of exploring and discovering what is Right With You as a life focus. We promote and facilitate self-help as a powerful influence in shaping well-being.  The Best Self Network facilitates starting self-help from a place of hope, strength, and choice.


Best Self Profile

We curate profiles to identify traits and characteristics that will ultimately support individuals and groups to identify strengths to facilitate positive perceptions and change. 

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 The Best Self Network offers tailored programs for individuals and groups to best suit our customers identified need for positive influence and change.

Bring Your

Best Self

We are currently being challenged by uncertain times in all areas of our lives.  Our program increases resilience and promotes positive well-being for individuals and groups who are impacted by the changes.  You can make sure you are in front of the changes instead of behind them.  You have an opportunity to create change instead of change creating you.


Abra Arlinsky

Chief Executive Officer

Meet the founder

Our customers

"I am so grateful for having participated in the Best Self Network program and meetings. BSN promotes positivity and hope by providing tools and thought processes to focus on ones own best qualities and characteristics as well as others. Personally, it has made me more optimistic, enthusiastic, self aware, motivated and grateful!  I feel more empowered and equipped to flourish and live the most fulfilling and meaningful life possible."


What s' Right With Us

Two Licensed Professional Counselors identified a gap in the current culture of wellbeing and were inspired by the book, What’s Right With You. With the allegiance of two other healthcare industry experts and leveraging over 100 years of combined industry experience, the team aims to revolutionize the world with their company, the Best Self Network. Individuals and entities will find fulfillment under the guidance of the team. Empowerment is the goal for all who cross paths with the fearless bunch.